PKD FREE сattery



s. PL JANTAR  Mr Gugu  of  SAN-FE 

d. SAN-FE Angelana


Brown tabby-white Exotic female OE & BE carrier


If you are interested in one of my  kittens,more information on current and past  litters can be found  in "Kittens" section.If you
 have any requests  please don't hesitate to contact us and  tell a bit more  about yourself. We'll be glad to answer any questions.

Please be certain you can meet this commitment before placing a deposit.

 Only deposit hold & reserve a kitten for you. Deposits are  non-refundable  and  are taken in good  faith on a kitten. Change of  
minds or not paying in full for the kitten,when it's ready to go will forfeit the deposit  for the loss of holding  the  kitty for you. 
 Kittens available with contract. I reserve the right of refusal for any reserved kitten pictured on this web-page at anytime.